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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Photos & Update

At long last, DH has the new barn started. This has been his dream from the first, but it's taken a long time get around to building.

The barn will be located almost in the center of the five acres, away from the house. For now, he has the basic structure laid out, and that's about all he can do by himself. Next Saturday a group of our friends will arrive and help him get the trusses set-up, as well as some of the interior structure. Perhaps even some of the metal up too. Picture to follow this entry -- just the basic structure.

I have just about all the programs I use on this new Emachines now. Unfortunately I learned that my older digital camera is not compatible with Windows XP, therefore I have to store my pictures on my laptop, which has Windows 2000 professional and is compatible. I will just upload photos from the laptop when I want to post any here. I got the modem working on the laptop by contacting tech support, no problem.

We've had two unseasonably mild days here, and it has been glorious! Near 85 during the day, low humidity, a light wind. I've been puttering around outdoors in the yard/garden until near dark at 8:30 every evening.

I also ride my bike every afternoon, and even managed to tackle the "killer loop" of five miles. I guess the airbike has been keeping me in shape, for I still had the stamina to endure it!

I also have had fresh yellow squash, cucumbers, and green beans from my garden. Delicious! And I'm happy to report that DH and I have almost become vegetarians! Except for an occasional meal of chicken breast, we eat veggie burgers/ground crumblers, etc found in the frozen foods. Either the Boca or GardenFresh brand names; their veggie selections are amazingly good. In fact, the few times I've tasted red meat in the past month or tasted..."off." I know that is due to having lost my taste for meat though. We also eat a lot of dried/cooked beans such as pintos, navy, great northern, etc. Lots of fiber and good for you! A salad almost every night, with the fresh lettuce from our garden.

All that, plus medication, must be working for DH: his cholesterol level is 115! I plan to get a home kit soon and check mine, just out of curiosity, since I rarely eat any fat/cholesterol either.

My cats are all fat and sassy. I have a pretty picture of Bitty Kitty taken last night; she loves to lounge on the bench in our den, and it was easy to get this shot.

I'm reading a Stephen King novel, "Bag of Bones." Though I usually don't like King's horror stories, this one is different: it is a supernatural story involving an old house. So far it is absorbing, and has had no gross-out descriptions.

I'm planning on having my family here for July 4th, and have quite a bit of housecleaning, etc. to get accomplished before then. My sister who recently had breast cancer surgery is doing fine; the drains were removed last week, and she almost seems back to her normal self. I know it'll take more recuperation time, but at least her progress seems to be going well. Anyhow, we should have a fun July 4th -- the first family gathering I've had here since we moved in over a year and a half ago.

And with that, I'm outta here for today!

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