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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hot & Muggy in South

Ah, the long, lazy southern days! Well...maybe not lazy, but very long and plenty of heat/humidity. But we have been getting rain almost nightly, which is making our garden produce wonderfully. I can't keep ahead of the squash, so we gave the neighbors some yesterday.

I've not been on my bike ride in a couple days, using the airbike indoors due to the heat. At least I am getting some exercise though. And I've finally figured out how to convert CD music files to MP3 format, download them onto the RioPort MP3 player my nephew gave me. That means at least I don't get too bored using the airbike, since I listen to music while exercising.

DH went to a new cardiologist today, and likes him. He will continue with his medication for a few more months, then have a re-evaluation. But the new doc said not to start another medication prescribed by the other cardiologist, that aerobic exercise would serve just as well. I'm glad about that, since I DO worry about the side-effects of all the many high-powered medications he's taking. Now if I can just get him on a bicycle to ride the "killer loop" with me! :-)

Not much else to report today.

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