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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pets, pets, pets!

Random pictures of my critters:

Oscar on a cold day, doing what he does best - being a couch 'tater!


Rambo sits in front of the door, ever-vigilant for intruders! Always on the job, 24/7!


Bitty Kitty sits atop my desk chair, smirking about how superior she is to dogs.

Slinky is thinking about it, not sure she hates dogs but knows she hates Bitty -- jealousy!

Then a spat breaks out between the two cats, and they square off in the hallway, before Bitty runs Slinky toward the door that leads to the safety of their sunporch!


Ah, so it goes. Never a dull moment when you have cats and dogs, just the way I like it!

Blustery, overcast day but I walked the dogs, found a small cedar alongside the creek and got it, planted it in my back yard. Just hope it lives along with all the other flowering bushes/ivy I've set out this past couple weeks.

Sunny tomorrow, but very cold. Will be so happy to see the sunshine, and plan a LONGER walk. I cannot wait for spring, and a long, slow walk at the lakeside park in town. Ah...dreaming!

And now, I'll end with a YouTube song by Johnny Cash. I'd never heard this until recently, and it reminded me of a couple bank robbers I corresponded with years ago. I think the lyrics fit them, except they never killed anyone. However, both were very proud they never picked cotton or worked in coal mines (which might have been their lot had they not robbed banks)!

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