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Friday, January 22, 2010

Walk in historic district

I finally managed to get the photos sorted from my walk through the historic district the other day; however, these are all within only about ten square blocks, not the entire district.

Many of the antebellum houses are about three blocks further east, and I didn't go that far. It was overcast, and I was worried about rain.

At any rate, these are not in any particular order...except at the beginning/end. We have a lot of mixed architectural features here, German cottage style, southern farmhouse, victorian and antebellum. Our city was settled by a German, so that is a recurring theme in architecture.

What I really like about this neighborhood is the mixture of houses -- smallish, enormous, older and newer side-by-side. I absolutely loath the newer "developments" where every house has to be a certain square footage, home associations that forbid even a clothesline, etc. It's the non-conformist in me, I guess. LOL

(As usual, click to enlarge)

The above photo is two blocks from my house; the large brick house was once the home of one of our first physicians here.

The brick house to the left is where the local Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise owner lives; he had it renovated/restored to its former grandeur (much larger than this image shows)

And then you have rundown old houses like these right next to a gorgoeous restored house near the end of this block. Across the street, you have this:

A beautiful renovated, updated big house

The beige/brick house in the far left area is one I thought about buying when I moved back from the farm.

This house is two blocks from the elementary school I attended

And this is one of the older homes in the state's historic registry -- more on this place someday

Another view of the physician's house on my return to my block. There's a vacant lot off to the right where a huge, crumbling mansion used to stand; kids dared each other to go in, saying it was haunted. It was demolished in the late 90s.

And this is my street; my house is the next to last one on the right near the corner stop sign.

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