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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Continued improvement...

My mother continues to improve, and is even walking -- albeit hesitantly and with assistance. I visit almost every day, or phone, and she has other family/friends visiting too. Yesterday she said to me, "I'm in a good place now." I hope she still feels this way as the days, weeks pass, but I have to admit, all of us siblings are genuinely impressed with the level of care and attention she is getting there.

And you know, I have never hated nursing homes as much as some people do. In fact, I may just check into employment and/or volunteer work at this place. I used to visit my grandmother daily when she was in a nursing home, and I met lots of the residents; some were genuinely engaging and alert. Remember the book/movie, "Fried Green Tomatoes?" People can learn from the elderly, and vice versa. Nevertheless, we're all glad that mother seems to be steadily improving; she is eating well, getting physical therapy every day, has a private room with TV, phone, etc. Actually, she looks more like she did when my step-dad was able to be a care-giver, and maybe this will continue. Or not. Who knows?

The war between my middle sisters has abated, and that is good.

I spent today doing loads of housework I've put off too long. It was mild, sunny and I locked the dogs outside (where they ran in the backyard and enjoyed the sunshine) while I mopped and waxed my floors. I took all my throw rugs outside, let those sun, and all the dogs bedding was hung on the clothesline to air. I also went on my bike ride, then took the dogs on a long neighborhood walk. Tomorrow I have to return some books to the library and will stop in to see mother, just might pick up an application from the nursing home. I do know they now hire people just to help feed the residents, cut up their food, talk to them, encourage them to eat...and that might be a job I could do. I can't lift or do much physical stuff with them, but I live only blocks from the place and could go at meal-times for assistance. We'll see, I suppose.

About Bush's speech last night: I don't like sending more troops to Iraq to be killed. BUT for once he did catch my attention with his program for allowing people who buy their own medical insurance (as I do) to claim it as a deduction. That would be a HUGE help to me, and many others who pay exorbitant insurance premiums each month. Still not a solution (only socialized medical care can truly help everyone) but at least a possible light at the end of the tunnel I find myself in, regarding health care.

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