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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving '06

Five things I'm thankful for today:

1. I'm alive and seemingly healthy

2. I'm financially secure, though not wealthy

3. My six cats and two dogs, and that I can provide
for them

4. My home, my simple lifestyle, my freedom

5. My sisters, though at present there's problems


I'm spending today alone, but I learned long ago there are much worse things than being alone on Holidays. I was estranged from DH's family, and always felt quilty that we didn't participate in their holiday gatherings. Ergo, today NO guilt. SWEET! I miss DH, but not his family nor their guilt trips.

I sometimes enjoyed getting together with my family, but not always. It depended on many factors I don't wish to go into here (since I'm rehashing those in my memoir).

Later, I'm planning on a bike ride in the sunny 60 degree weather, then painting the trimwork in my bathroom (which I've put off too long), taking the dogs on a walk, and last, as I do most every night, continuing writing my memoir.

Yesterday I spent FOUR hours in the dentist chair. He had to remove the temp crowns, since one was not fully covering the partial tooth, and gave me a toothache. Then he worked on the front veneers, which look great. I have another appointment in two weeks to get the permanent crowns, and will schedule more work. I want to get all this expensive dental work finished while I have the excellent Cobra dental coverage. Not to mention getting the most out of the $366.00 a month I pay for it!!

As for food, it'll be light and soft. My mouth is sore, and I don't want to irritate it anymore. Maybe some soup, etc.

I bought an inexpensive MP3 player yesterday, and I LOVE it. I can put so many songs on there, and listen as I work on stuff around here. I never carry it on bike rides though, because I like to be able to listen for traffic. Now I need a new digital camera, and I'm looking for one -- that will be my birthday AND Christmas present this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who read my blog!

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Rurality said...

Happy (late) Thanksgiving! I imagine your dentist was happy... not too many people having lots of dental work done the day before Thanksgiving, I'll bet!