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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rambo still Rules...

Considering I never had a small, companion dog, I'm sure enthralled with Rambo!! He continues to fascinate me with his antics, and his intelligence. I can't believe how emotionally bonded we've become...but suffice to say, he and I are BOTH enjoying ourselves.

Rambo was neutered last week, and recovered quickly. He was heart-worm negative, and I have him on preventive medication to rid him of fleas/ticks/internal parasites.

Here's a picture I took today with my cheap digital camera of Rambo and I...

Rambo gets a hug!

More good news: I went to a new dentist, and since I still have Cobra medical/dental/vision insurance, will get new, bright white veneers for my upper front teeth covered at 100%! I do have two crowns needing replacement on my lower left side, but my share of the cost is not very steep. Unfortunately, I'm in for several sessions with the dentist -- but this one uses "gas" for relieving anxiety. Whoopee!

I've scheduled wooden fencing/doggie door installation two weeks from now, so I can have a dog run/place for Rambo to go and and come at will. Also, will have an addition to the carport in front of the house, an awning-type cover, so my car will be have a place out of the weather. And the seamless gutters installed within two weeks also. Looks like November will be a noisy, busy time for home improvements here!

I've been riding the bike daily, then taking Rambo on long walks around the blocks here afterward. He LOVES that, and it's more good exercise for me.

That's it for tonight. Chilly autumn nights, glorious days...Autumn is spectacular here in the South.

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