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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Hey, this place is going to the dogs! :=)

I'm sitting here at my computer watching Oscar and Rambo have a chew-bone extravaganza. When one tries to snatch the other's chewy stuff, they dodge away or growl. I guess that must be some mighty tasty fun stuff for dogs. They sure do provide lots of zany entertainment for me, like the cats do in the evenings.

So far Oscar seems to be doing exceptionally well after being neutered Wednesday. I put the outside dog-house in the storage house, fixed access, and have food/water out there for when they are in the fenced backyard playing/exercising. Oscar didn't like the windy cold day, and went into the dog-house almost immediately. But Rambo, always energetic/active, ran laps around the yard, played with this toys, and aggravated the dogs across the adjoining backyard fence.

I found some tiny baby outfits at the Salvation Army store the other day, sweatshirts, sweaters for about 50 cents apeice, and they fit both Rambo and Oscar just like the more expensive pet clothing. Oscar has on a sweatshirt right now, and has no problem wearing it. These will be good when it's cold outside.

Otherwise, we're all coping with my step-dad's death. My mother is back home, a younger brother planning to stay with her next week. After that, we'll just have to see what happens. I know she wants to be where my step-dad was last...that's how I felt after my DH died last February. Everyone kept urging me to stay away, and though I knew I'd eventually have to move from the farm, I did want some time there...somehow still feeling close to DH's presence.

I have a slew of appointments lined up the next few weeks: Dental, Vision, etc. AND all the outside work, new fence, seamless gutters, extension to my carport, doggie door. Ah, the fun never ends here. (sarcasm)

Last night my renter brought the rental cash. That's two days ahead of the date to pay, so perhaps I chose wisely in renting to them? Time will tell.

With that, I'll close with this picture of Rambo and Oscar curled up in their favorite chair.

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