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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tip on pets for kids

Ladies & Gentleman,
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy miniatures/Shetlands, etc. for a kid's pet if you don't have adequate living quarters to keep them. Or if you don't want to PAY for boarding.

We finally have the other small horse here, but I believe she would be classified as a Shetland pony. The owner still didn't want to sell, even though we ended up offering $250.00. Please understand this mare has already had a colt, and it died. The owner had no idea when or where she was bred, because the man who sold it to her had bought a bunch of minis at a horse auction. He didn't much care about the particulars, in other words.

At any rate, the lady owner said she'd board the horse with us when we offered to feed/care for it at $35.00 per month. She was supposed to have her niece's father (where the horse was at) bring it over today; but they never did. My nephew came by today, and we got him to go with DH and lead the mare over here. Then I paid my nephew to trim/pick out hooves on both horses; their hooves were in appalling shape. The mare has lice in her mane, and she's a mess. You know, this kind of neglect/treatment makes me feel murderous toward people!

The woman kept saying she bought this mare for her niece; but DH said the mare is not as gentle as Festus, and was probably more than the little girl could handle. The aunt, of course, wanted to sell the mare for the same price she paid to buy her -- but the mare has been neglected, and needs care to hopefully restore her health. At least she'll get good care here. When I think of that tiny, cramped pen with the mud hole where these two horses were kept I want to scream! And it also makes me realize I could NEVER breed any animal and sell it UNLESS I knew EXACTLY where it was going. Even DH keeps track of the horses he's sold.

So I repeat folks, DO NOT buy ANY kind of pet for a child UNLESS you know for certain it will be cared for!!!

Here's a picture, though it's not too great since I snapped this in a hurry.

You can see Ginger is a good bit larger than Festus

With that, I'm outta here for now.

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