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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Remembering the Coal Miners

My paternal grandfather was a coal miner. He spent 20 years in the coal mines, and often told many tales of those years. As did my grandmother. They actually lived in a coal mining town, during the horrible 30s Depression Era. No wonder my grandmother always yearned to get back to the land and farm, as they did eventually.

I am always sad, and somewhat stunned, to be reminded that in this day and age of "technological progress" we still have men going into the horrid, dank, deep coal mines to help us have "energy." Think about them when you turn on a light, or enjoy creature comforts; some sacrifice their lives so that we may do so.

Here's a link to something I wrote about my grandfather's experience in the mine:

The Beckoning Voice --Short True Paranormal Experience

Until tomorrow, when MOST of us will see the dawning light of day...

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