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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tuesday Night

I've been planning to write an entry for days now, but never seem able to have time. Finally I decided to use the QuickPad, then transfer it to the PC and post later.

I just returned from a bike ride; I decided to go at 4:00 in the afternoon, during a lull in traffic -- between school kids and those returning from work. It's getting dark earlier, and after our evening meal (especially when DH is late, and that happens often) there's not enough time before dark to ride. Still hot today, but I rode in the nearby subdivision and on a shaded highway, and the cemetery. DH did go with me a few afternoons on the Killer Loop, but the old bike he was riding now has a problem. He could buy a new one, but is not sure he'd stick with regular biking. I get bored with the airbike sometimes, and much prefer outdoor biking if possible.

GOOD NEWS: We finally got significant rainfall from Hurricane Rita. We sure needed it badly; the creek (where horses get water) was getting low and we'd had to provide water for them. One of the long-time farmers here told us before we moved to this place that he'd never seen this creek dry; that it has been low, but never dry. And that was true of this dry spell; the creek was still running, though just a trickle. Anyhow, it started raining Sunday afternoon, some heavy downpours, then a slow, soaking rain all night! The ground absorbed it all, but we're hoping now we'll have rain once a week. Usually fall weather here is rainy and cooler; I'm sure ready for it!

Hurricane Rita seems to have done a lot of damage to some small coastal towns in Louisiana and Texas, but missed the larger cities. I suppose that is better news than the last hurricane disaster, but it is never good when people lose their homes and jobs. At least the fatalities are much lower, and Bush seems to have learned Americans aren't oblivious to suffering and dying people, that they do not like ignoring blatant problems.

How about those gas prices though? Just wait till exorbitant heating bills hit us this winter, complaints will abound!

I'm back on a diet. I wasn't pleased with my cholesterol level, though my G.P. said it was normal. Click on the link for more about that on my CR blog.

I'll end with this cute ditty I think captures cat-attitude:

We Is Friends!
Me And You Is Friends
You Smile, I Smile
You Hurt, I Hurt
You Cry, I Cry
You Jump Off A Bridge
I Gonna Miss Your E-Mail Posted by Picasa

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