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Friday, September 02, 2005

Emperor & Wife Have No Clothes!


I'm watching CNN, MSNBC and I see the Prez doing photo-ops in Alabama, Mississippi and soon, New Orleans (no doubt, secured in a safe area) and I hear a news anchor say that Mrs. Bush met with some storm victims in New Orleans...and she told them she was concerned about the children. That the children needed to "get back to school soon." Erm, WHAT school? ALL THE SCHOOLS IN NEW ORLEANS AND HALF OF MISSISSIPPI WERE DESTROYED BY HURRICANE KATRINA.

I'm sort of thinking that the Prez and his lady need to get, like, a TV and tune into the news channels to learn EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. For two days Bush remained on vacation and meanwhile, all h@ll broke loose after Katrina hit the southern coastal areas and literally demolished life as the residents knew it. How out-of-touch is the Prez? Is he so far removed from REALITY that he has no concept of what is ACTUALLY going on in his own country, never mind the rest of the world? Good Lord, surely he needs to be clued in. I guess it's a real bummer when you have to leave your vacation early, huh? Perhaps if we sent some angry, violent citizens from New Orleans to Bush's Crawford ranch to relocate he'd get a better perspective.

Here it is the FOURTH day after the WORST natural disaster in US history and just NOW there is finally some help trickling into New Orleans and the southern coastal areas. Am I PISSED, like the mayor of New Orleans? YOU BET. And EVERY American citizen who has seen this SHOULD be outraged. Today, people in New Orleans...tomorrow YOU and YOUR city residents. After all, we had wall-to-wall 24 hour coverage of the 9-11 disaster on ALL media outlets, yet ONLY the news channels stayed with this after the fact.

I have to tell you, having worked in journalism for a time, I was becoming very disillusioned with the news media in this country, due to their lack of spine lately. But this event has redeemed CNN and even FOX in my opinion. Because had they not focused on the disaster, especially human suffering and death in New Orleans, we'd never have known it existed. Never, ever 'shoot the messenger' because, after all, IF we had a terrorist attack or another natural disaster, how would we know what was happening without news reporters covering the situation?

Where will the refugees/survivors from these devastated areas go and stay indefinitely? Allow me to make a revolutionary suggestion: Send them to the SOUTHERN CHURCHES. There must be thousands of churches throughout the South sitting empty most of the time. Most have kitchens, bathrooms/showers and heck, even huge gyms/auditoriums. What better way to deal with the lost, suffering people than to allow them to stay in churches? IF you are a member of a church ANYWHERE in ANY Southern state, and you are a TRUE Christian, then you must demand that your pastor and congregation open their doors, literally, to these survivors. If you don't, I NEVER, EVER want to hear the term "compassionate conservatism" again from any of you! PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH RIGHT NOW, while the whole wide world is watching. Otherwise, you are ALL a bunch of hypocrites.

Today there are fires breaking out all over New Orleans, and it makes me wonder what is going to happen when those refineries start firing up? All of those, as well as most of the oil-related industry there, are very, very delicate technical operations -- which require that everything works perfectly. If not, there's failure and usually in a big way. Back in the early 70s I lived in a house that had the old-style gas heaters with pilot lights and let me tell you, it doesn't take much to cause an explosion. Pipelines, undersea oil operations will take A LONG TIME TO GET WORKING, NO MATTER HOW ROSY THE GOVERNMENT PAINTS THE PICTURE.

With that, I'm outta here.

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