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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Doomsday Thoughts....

The "busy" vacation week was over Sunday, but I still had quite a few household chores to finish before having any significant free time. Ah, what is that old saying: "A man's work is from sun to sun, but a woman's work is never done."

At any rate, I finally had time to surf the web, catch up on the latest journal entries I read, etc. I think I've given up on ever doing any creative writing again; but IF I did, it would have to be sci-fi -- and perhaps a doomsday scenario. I did write a UFO/Alien story some time ago, though it was in the form of journal entries...and believe it or not, it was also about aliens and possible destruction of earth. I had many readers, and some who actually believed what I was writing was true, not fiction. Perhaps I should find that story, and continue it, even finish it eventually. Perhaps I might...someday.

Now...for the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Politics aside, I have come to the conclusion that IF several unknown, horrible disasters ever should hit the USA (think THREE natural and/or terrorism disasters at the same time), the message we humans should have learned by now is: "You are on your own." In other words, survival of the fit, death of the elderly, sick, weak, etc. That IS, after all, the message of evolution, and we, as humans, are not much above the animals in that regard.

Another aspect that has troubled me (most of my life, not just recently) is that ALL our human struggles, our efforts at meaningful lives, our hope for humankind to survive apparently into that it is all ridiculous. Hence, the title of this blog: Mad, Mad World. Think about it: natural disasters wipe out thousands constantly; the cosmos has so many dark destructive forces at work that eventually, one way or another, every single trace of earth and human existence will be wiped out utterly and completely. Sure, doomsday scenarios seem preposterous -- until they happen. And read the history of former human civilizations on earth that perished if you have any doubt that such events can happen.

I have come to the conclusion that ALL human/animal life is futility, the suffering, the surviving, the killing, the healing. The ONLY reason humans continue is that we have an inborn, biological instinct to LIVE and REPRODUCE. Is this good? I am not sure, but perhaps it is NOT GOOD. Has it never occurred to any human that perhaps there is a force at work in the cosmos which deliberately DESTROYS any kind of threatening (as in violent, destructive, ever-expanding into the universe from the original spawning ground) lifeform like ourselves? Maybe in sci-fi stories, but doesn't this occur to others as well? Isn't religion (all the various beliefs) just a means of "pretending" there is some point or reason for living -- and hope for immortality?

We ridicule drug addicts, alcoholics, crazioids who live in fantasy worlds...but really, isn't it possible they realize the stupidity and useless futility of life itself? I remember a quote that went something like: "You can't be sane in an insane world."

And folks, we probably live in an insane world -- a mad, mad world. Look around, and you'll realize the wisdom of this truth.

What should this mean to us individually? I'm not sure...beyond the fact we should live TODAY, do the things we enjoy, not those we loathe...for it could ALL end in a blink of the eye.

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