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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Getting Dicey in New Orleans

Folks, have you ever witnessed anarchy? No? Well, just look at the city of New Orleans, and you'll see it ain't a pretty picture. Yes, there IS a natural disaster underway, BUT some of this could have been prevented. Basically what you see on or live coverage on CNN TV (NOT as much graphic coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC, due to keeping the remainder of sheep/masses calm) is the result of TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

As I type this, a White House PR is trying to calm nerves by saying Bush will do a fly-by tomorrow over the destroyed areas. Excuse me, I think they should DROP Bush right in the middle of the city of New Orleans, so he can get an idea of the REAL problems. Mostly what is happening there is a stampede of POOR people who were unable to evacuate the city beforehand, and now have had literally no outside help...and the thugs/ruthless ones have simply intimidated others by having weapons. Good Lord, where is the national guard? I hear they are holed up somewhere making plans, but they need to GET OUT THERE, PRONTO!

And even when some of the people are rescued, where in the heck are they going to relocated -- permanently? For it will be YEARS until any can ever return to New Orleans, even IF that will be possible.

Of course, you have to look no further than your local gas station to find drama and overheated tempers. Reminds me so much of the late 70s gas crisis, and no, these aren't "rumors," there's really going to be a crunch with shortages -- at least for awhile. Yes, we filled up both our vehicles last night, because IF you have a personal crisis (need medical help) and can't get gas, well, you can't get help. THAT is how dire it can become, folks.

On a personal note, the darn electrical problem happened again this morning and is still ongoing. DH said he'll try to track it down later this afternoon, but at least we DO have electricity so I can't really complain.

I think every person in this country should watch as MUCH graphic coverage of the damage and personal suffering in New Orleans as possible, because this is what happens when civilized life breaks down and you have anarchy and NO HELP. Hoping the government will bail you out is simply wishful thinking - especially with an incompetent boob in the White House. As I write this people, MOSTLY POOR people are dying...and all the PR at the White House can say is, "It's going to take time." Here's a news flash: hurricane Katrina hit the early part of this week and what the h@ll is taking so long to get the national guard in there?

When this is all said and done, I think it'll make people here look at 911 as a blip compared to what is going on in New Orleans and along most of the coastal south. Not just the natural disaster, but the poorly equipped regional and national response. And most of all, it is showing how many, many poor people we have here and how, in the worst of circumstances, they can turn into hordes of angry, violent people.

Which means for the rest of Americans: no one is safe in such an environment.

Think about that, why don't you.

And while you're at it, contemplate what a major earthquake would do in California right about now? Two or more natural disasters at the same time could literally change this country forever.

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