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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Photos and latest update

I went on the "killer bike loop" this morning, between 9:00 and 10:00. Usually it takes a little over 30 minutes to ride the five miles, and yet it was already HOT this morning. I had to wait till the worst of the morning work traffic slows, but it would have been better to go around 8:00. Wish this heat would end, and allow us to have our mild Fall temps!

Day before yesterday I biked in another nearby subdivision, one I'd not been to before. It will be a good place to ride once winter is here, because it's less than a mile away and has some challenging hills. However, right now it's too darn hot to bike in early afternoon, and that's the only time I dare tackle this rural highway (lots of traffic morning/evening) in front of our house -- which is the ONLY route to the subdivision.

Oh, something funny: The other day one of our neighbors was here, he'd borrowed our tractor and brought it back. I went out to ride, got on my bike and yelled to DH that I was "going for a ride." DH later said the neighbor repeated to DH what I'd said, "The bicycle lady said she's going for a ride." DH said that the community must be calling me "the bicycle lady." Yeah, but maybe the neighbor politely left out the word "crazy" before "bicycle lady!" I hope not, but I know that I'm one of the VERY few who rides a bike around here. I've seen two guys out riding, both all suited up in biking outfits and helmets (I don't wear a helmet or special biking outfit, just some narrow-leg shorts and comfortable top). These guys ride expensive bikes and race like the wind, fast and furious! :-) They'd leave me in the dust, but nevertheless, I do ride as fast as possible, since I'm in it for the exercise/exertion. Still, I couldn't keep up with them!

I'm contemplating moving my cats from the front sunporch to the new back sunporch, since it'll be warmer there for winter weather. That will be a task I'll try to do next week, while DH is on vacation.

Here's two pictures of the new planters with artificial flowers beneath the picture window. The new rock walkway is also visible in one of the pictures.

Close-up of planters underneat picture window Posted by Hello

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