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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Modem/Computer Problems

I fear the gremlins have attacked my computer. Not that I haven't been preparing for this 98 model Compaq to hit the skids for some time now, but isn't it true the problems come when you are busy with other stuff?

The past week or so I've noticed my connection speeds getting slower and slower, and sometimes NO data at all coming in when I'm online. I get "Error" results on webpages, and also "Can't find URL," from Explorer. Yesterday was the pits, in that I couldn't get online with the Compaq, which is my desktop. However, I was able to connect with my laptop and my Palm, so apparently it's this computer. After trying connections via this phone line I use for the Compaq with the laptop/Palm, I concluded it is NOT the phone line. I emailed support for my ISP, and they said they had no issues. So...I've pretty much narrowed it down to the modem. I'm downloading a new driver, will see if that helps by updating the driver. But I don't have much hope of that solving the problem.

Yesterday I worked over half the day cleaning the outside of this aluminum siding; I hose/wash it down about once a month, then apply insecticide to help control pests --we have waay too many spiders here. And I HATE spiders! Anyhow, I was tired after that, then the puter pitched a fit, and I just gave up for the day.

I'm also putting all relevant material off this hard drive on a CD, just in case of a failure. Additionally, I'm preparing a special CD with all the photos from this house/land, new and old, as well as downloading all my online journal entries since right before we bought this place through this December to include in the "Time Capsule" I'm working on. I want to put the CD, all info about this house and previous owners, along with two recent newspapers and assorted stuff in a fireproof safe...leave it in the attic. Even in case of a fire, this would not be destroyed. I just think it would be an interesting touch for future find the CD, read the ups and downs of our lives before and after moving here, plus all the relevant historical details. I'm working on this constantly, and should be ready to put the safe with info in the attic by January. I will have a notice on the front not to open it till maybe...2050 or something like that. I've researched a bit on creating time capsules, so I should be able to create one that will be interesting.

It's rainy here, had serious thunderstorms all morning but now it's quiet. I painted more trim in the mud-room, but still have to put another coat on later this afternoon. While out there working, Bitty and City kitty kept me company, meowing and whining. Bitty likes to go out, but since it was rainy, she didn't want to get wet...yet kept whining! Go figure!

Okay, I got disconnected (AGAIN!) when I tried to post this, but had read a bulletin board with discussions about resolving modem problems. I added a modem string under the 'extra settings'...AT&FX&C1&D2%N1...and got connected at the highest speed ever. But don't know if it'll stay online or not. At any rate, I'm working on the issue...but I doubt I'll ever solve it completely.

Must run for now, and post this before I get disconnected! I guess I'll be looking for a new puter soon....


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