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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Important articles and links

Since I had some time tonight online, I have been reading some interesting, intelligent articles. (Yes, there are some out there in cyberspace!)

Here's a link and excerpt to an important article that everyone should read:

The End of Easy Oil

We are headed into uncharted territory, led by a government that seems prepared to use force, when necessary, to preserve the current system. We face growing competition from other countries for a finite resource at a time of growing animosity toward the United States.

And here's a few more article links you might want to check out:

Oil and Troubled Water

Why 2004 Will Be Remembered as the Year World Oil Production Peaked

Marshall Auerback on oil surprises


Yep, some EXCELLENT food for thought. It is going to be a rough, violent, uncertain future for humans -- not just here, but worldwide.

Oh, and by the way, has anyone EVER dared suggest that perhaps, just maybe...curbing the overwhelming POPULATION could be a partial answer to the growing lack of oil? Why, of course not. That would be just too...REASONABLE.

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