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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mother's Evaluation

I wasn't at the meeting, because I just knew there would be discord between my middle sisters, no matter the results. I am not emotionally able to deal with such stress -- at least not without having an outburst I'd regret.

However, I did go visit mother from noon till around 2:00; the evaluation was at 3:00. My paternal uncle dropped by, and we had a fun conversation. He is my father's only brother, a truly good, humorous man (unlike my father in every way). The two hours were enjoyable, with mother enjoying our visit and conversation.

My sister called me last night, to tell me the outcome of the meeting. Seems mother kept saying, "I don't want to be in the nursing home," repeatedly. Yet she has also said she is being very well taken care of there, and doesn't want to get back in the hospital. Mark my words, if she goes back to my sister's house, mother will end up back in the hospital with a repeat of the past month - or worse. At any rate, the evaluation results were positive; they said mother is still progressing, but due to the bad unhealed sores on her heels and bottom (which occurred at the hospital from lying in bed, and because she is diabetic) they thought she should remain at least two more weeks. She'll be evaluated each week, and if they think she has "reached a plateau," no longer improving, she'll be dismissed.

Well, this set off the war again between my two middle sisters. When they all got back to the room, the one sister who mother will be staying with went into a tirade of how we all just dumped this on her. (Excuse me, she volunteered; I've told her numerous times just to say "NO" if she can't take care of mother.) I'm glad I wasn't there, that's all I can say. The other sister remains passive, just lets the ranting go on...but knows she can't take care of mother's needs either.

IMO, mother is a nursing home patient. And I'm fairly sure her doctor would recommend such care...but if mother is totally resistant, then who knows what will happen? I think mother needs a mental evaluation; she often seems very confused, and perhaps even her kidney is not functioning well again. That can cause mental confusion, but there's been no test done on her kidney functioning. Because, I suppose, she refused dialysis at first, or the doctor doesn't think she can survive it.

And so it goes. I don't know what will happen, but think she'd be better off in the nursing home. Otherwise, if she returns to my sister's house, they will have to build a handicap ramp to get her in their house -- every entryway has LOTS of steep steps! And oh, the acrimony, the b*tching, woe unto us all.

I'm still looking for a job. No luck yet, but I am filling out applications at various places, hoping to find office work. Mostly I'd just like to get out of the house a few hours now and then, and the pay would help when I lose Cobra and have to buy more expensive health insurance.

We had a light dusting of snow/ice last night, but nothing too bad. It's been gray, COLD, and drizzly rain all day, so I will use the indoor bike today while I watch Dr. Phil. I think I'm bored!

That's it for today.

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