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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Last year this time...

Finally wrote a poem last night:

Last Week, Last Year

Icy winter wind, late February
Waning sunlight, spectral, bleak
This was the last week
Of your earthly life last year.

Don't think I have forgotten,
Oh no!
I remember each single second
As you lay dying
Though none of us realized
How darkness was close,
Touching you, whispering to you
Holding you in its dazed grasp.

We had false hope, dreams
Stupid denial, wishful thinking
Unaware of the Grim Reaper
Like a seductive Wraith
Upon a high hill, a shadow
Cast long upon the land
Placing a strangling hand
Upon your heart, hard
And yet soft, sweet, sudden,
Swiftly taking you in sleep.

The wrenching pain of your loss,
A year ago this winter,
Haunts my life, lingers in dreams
And often I awaken, afraid
You never understood, never knew
How we all loved you
Needed you -- YES! -- even now.

You are mute, silenced forever
Too often fading away in morning light,
Yet out of the fog of our past
Love lives on, somewhere in timeless time.

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