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Monday, July 10, 2006

Update & Photos

I've been late again with a post. But I am still busy with odds and ends related to my move. I finally learned how to put up brackets for curtain rods, and accomplished getting some curtains hung. Not fun, but necessary.

Now I've discovered a potential electrical problem: When I switch on the TV in the living room, a crackling noise and spark comes out of a different plug. I'll have to get that checked out soon.

Late yesterday afternoon when I was on my bike ride, I saw my renter out washing her SUV. I stopped and talked to her a short time to learn if she is still planning on moving. And she is, sometimes near the end of August or later. She is moving near Nashville, TN -- probably to be with her new boyfriend. I just hope she knows what's she's doing, since she has just recently filed for divorce.

At any rate, I am suspending any decision about that house until the day I walk back into it, when the place is empty. THEN and ONLY then will I be able to know how I feel -- whether I want to rent it out again, sell it, or...who knows, even move back there myself. I could always rent out this house, or sell it -- and get a better price on this place too. Though it's not wise to always rule by emotions, when you lived in a house 25 years, you ARE emotionally attached to it...and I may just want to live there again. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I probably should start looking for employment. I have no idea what I might find suitable, but I am going to need medical insurance benefits sooner or later; the COBRA is only temporary, and I doubt I can afford individual medical insurance.

It is HOT here, and far too dry. This region was recently declared a federal disaster because of the drought. Corn and soybeans are big crops here, and are not doing well this summer. We have had a few thunderstorms, but not regular days of steady rain.

I'm waiting to learn what the medflight/insurance outcome will be for me. BC/BS did pay nearly $4,000.00 on the bill, and that seems reasonable. Now I guess the medflight company will come after me, try to make me pay the remainder -- around $6,000.00. That company has my undying wrath, and their tactics of intimidating family of patients even BEFORE BC/BS insurance has paid, has got to be the worst ever. I can't believe someone hasn't sued them already; I am sure it's only a matter of time until the CEO realizes their policy of harrassing family of patients in such a despicable manner is BAD BUSINESS.

Anyway, I used my older small digital camera to snap a few pictures inside and outside of my house, and will post those below. These will not be very good quality, but at least represent my new abode.

Screenporch built for the cats at rear of carport

This storage room connects to the screenporch, and it also connects to the laundryroom, which has central heat/air -- the cats have a choice to be inside or outside

The living room with TV and curtains I hung

The kitchen and den/dining are one huge room parallel to the carport

I have my computer amorie in the den/dining area

Bobcat LOVES his new living quarters!

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