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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Today's Mood

Long day, much accomplished by my family. I now have a newly installed storm door on the front entryway door. I sometimes don't know how I'd survive without them...but I hate putting them through all this work and turmoil. I've always been a "loner" and "do-it-yourself" type person, so it is NOT easy to accept help in any form.

Tonight I answered some questions on a website regarding grief. It was supposed to determine what stage of grief you are in -- and surprisingly, after answering the quizz, the results were that I am in: Denial. Who knew, huh? But I answered all the questions honestly, and I suppose some of my attitude lately -- "It doesn't matter," and "Who cares" and "Why bother," -- are feelings of someone who still hasn't fully accepted such an overwhelming loss of a loved one.

I fear it will take longer than I am going to live. Or maybe not. Life doesn't make sense, that's the only truth I know now.

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