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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Brief Update

I'm in a rush this morning, since I have to meet a contractor at the house I'm buying in town near noon. Yes, I have found a great place to live: the house is about ten blocks from my other house in town, but in a better neighborhood. I got a real bargain too, since the house had just come on the market and being sold by the owners.

At any rate, I need to have some minor painting done, a few odds and ends on the interior (especially preparing a place for the cats at the back of the carport area). I have already put earnest money on it, and even IF something falls through with my current buyers of this farm, I still have enough money to go ahead with this buy/move and then put this farm on the market. Not that I think that will happen, but just in case.

The house exterior is literally maintaince free because it's brick. There's a fairly good-size chain-link fenced yard, which means there's enough space between other houses too. Here's a couple pictures:

We had a furious hail storm last night, and I hope there was no damage to my roof on this house. I haven't inspected it, but the noise was deafening and seemed to go on forever. Lots of lightning and torrentail rain; we DID need the rain, because the pollen has been horrible. I'm just hoping there was no hail damage, though I did see quarter-size hail bouncing on the ground.

More when I have time -- if that ever happens!

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