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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Year From Hell

Yep, that is what I'm calling this year, 2005. Worldwide and personal disasters have taken their toll on my outlook -- pessimistic at the best of times, downright gloom-and-doom at the worst.

At the very end of 2004, the Asian tsunami hit and killed thousands upon thousands.

Personally, there was DH's unexpected heart attack right at the beginning of 2005.

Next my youngest sister had a breakdown, ended up in a mental institution; now she's in jail for an undetermined period.

Then my other sister was diagnosed with breast cancer; she had to have surgery, but is now doing exceptionally well.

My remaining sister is scheduled for elective surgery in November, and I find myself dreading it more than I ordinarily would.

Of course, the hurricanes have obliterated New Orleans, ruined the Gulf Coast in so many areas...and gas prices have soared beyond belief. It promises to be a lean, mean winter if terribly cold, due to the exorbitant natural gas prices.

And this weekend another massive earthquake hit in South Asia. Perhaps the worst in 70 years. In fact, all the horrible disasters worldwide seem to have footnotes of being "the worst in 100 years." Makes one wonder what is next?!

Here's a couple of interesting articles that might provide a clue:

Pollution, climate change dooming millions: UN report

Has the Age of Chaos Begun?

I can't determine if my pessimism and cynicism are the result of all the disasters going on, or simply an acknowledgement of REALITY -- as it is and as it gets worse.

Just some food for thought.

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