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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A few lines...

I'm still alive, though it may seems as if I've disappeared off the face of the earth due to NO posts here.

I've just been in a blah mood, sort of depressed...sick with my sinus/allergies. It hasn't rained in AGES here, the air is thick with all kinds of allergens and almost tastes gritty when you breath with your mouth open. The dirt road beside our house spews a plume of nasty dust every time a vehicle goes by, and it settles over our house, and US! If only it would start raining and rain for days and days...

I will write more tomorrow. I did have a great time with my sister, and will try to give more details later.

For now, here's something I'd like to see in a cemetery:

Mystery message on tombstone Posted by Picasa

Wouldn't that make you WONDER? If I planned to have a grave (and I don't, since I want to be cremated)I would want to leave an epitaph that would make everyone who read it wonder what the heck I meant!!! This tombstone was created by an online ditty where one can do such nutty things!

Till tomorrow...

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