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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Morning

I'm heading to town soon, plan to make a stop at the library and then do grocery shopping. Maybe drop by the Salvation Army store, see what kind of bargains they have. DH has gone horseback riding with his buddies, then plans to spend a few hours at a local mule auction. He wants to sell a young mule we bought cheap back at the first of summer, and possibly also sell a horse trailer.

Next week DH is off for vacation, and we actually don't have a lot of chores to do around this place. We do have some painting to do at the rental house in town; we need to repaint the foundation and do touchups on the garage. Shouldn't take over a few hours at most.

If darn gas prices weren't so high here (near $3.00 a gallon now) we might have planned a trip to Tennessee to see the fall colors. We still might, but I doubt it.

One thing we plan to do is buy an OTR microwave and install it. A few weeks ago we rearranged rooms again, and are now using what was the dining room for a TV room/den. That means we moved our table into the kitchen, and removed a counter -- which means I need all the available counter space and my current microwave is in the way. Ah, the excitement in our lives! ;-)

Oh yeah, I butchered my hair. Cut it very short again, but it was long overdue. I don't know if I'll let it grow longer again, or just keep it short. Since I once heard that "women over 50 are invisible," it really doesn't matter how my hair looks, as long as it is easy to take care of!

See, aging DOES have some advantages.


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