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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nielsen ratings and daily stuff

Guess what? DH and I have been selected to participate in the Nielsen TV Ratings for a week! I received a postcard about a week ago, telling us we'd get a phone call soon explaining how it works...and we did a few nights ago. So at last I'll actually get to have my/our say about television! I am not sure which week it will be, but sometimes in November.

We've been working all week, mainly doing odds and ends around here. Finally having some light rain today and tonight, hopefully lasting through tomorrow.

Monday we painted the foundation of the rental house, and I was upset to find out the renter has not been weed-eating in the backyard. Grass had grown up nearly to the foundation, as well as along the wood privacy fencing and the garage. DH and I had one heck of a time digging it all out, nearly killed my back. We've decided to inform her via writing that we will hire someone to do lawn care, but will have to raise the rent $100.00 per month for that service. We just cannot allow the foundation to have drainage problems due to lack of lawn care, which has happened in the past before we provided concrete footers alongside the house on both sides and the garage due to the hillside location.

The whole episode of being there, just remembering all the years we lived in that house...and the good times, made me a bit homesick for the place. But I was angry too, and tired once we finished the painting job. DH went back the next day and did a lot of weed-eating, so that takes care of the immediate problem. The renter's husband is in the Marines, and currently stationed elsewhere; therefore, she has a hard time doing lawn care. Nevertheless, that is HER problem, not ours.

Last Sunday we ran across a man who had oodles of old bicycles and we bought a couple. Both are older Murray 10-speeds, and with a little tinkering/oiling, etc. they make fine rides. We took them for a spin a couple of afternoons, but are still fine-tuning them. I found some old parts we might need for them on Ebay tonight, and may order those. The brakes are weak on mine, and I could use a new set of handlebars too. Mine is much lighter weight than the old 3-speed I usually ride, and the ten-speed helps on steep hills too. Our weather has been too hot lately, but a cold front is coming through tonight and the next days promise to be ideal biking weather!

At any rate, that's what has been happening here this week.

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