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Thursday, December 09, 2004

We're having our own version of "A River Runs Through It" tonight! After all the rain, rain, rain...our cellar flooded, and it looks like a river down there.

DH bought a sump pump, and it's been working since early this afternoon...and STILL the water comes. It seems the flow is coming from beneath a wall of cement blocks on the upper side, running down the slight tilt toward the other side. DH even checked to make sure a water line hadn't burst, since the water just keeps pouring. He said it might be a "wet weather spring" that's broken loose, and now flooding our cellar. What in the heck would you do about THAT?

Since we bought this place over a year ago, we've seen it damp in the cellar from time to time, but NOTHING like this! Of course, it HAS rained for days on end, only to have a couple days of sun, then back to raining. DH overheard a guy at lunch say his basement had flooded -- and it was a SEALED basement, and had never had a water problem! Goodness, the sump pumps are probably selling out fast in town!

I finally got all my research on the history of ownership of this house printed, framed and hung. Pictures to follow. I think it looks great in the living room, adds a special touch.

I'm now in the process of getting ALL the research and history of the nearby small town and community printed out, as well as other odds and ends, trying to prepare the "Time Capsule." I hope that I can have it done, and put it in the attic on January 1st of 2005. Still have a good bit to do, but I think I can make that deadline.

Anyhow, sawing and drilling are going on now in the cellar; DH is trying to create an outlet for the sump pump hose, so we don't have to keep the cellar door open.

More when life settles down and quiet returns...IF it ever does!

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