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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I am typing this entry on my new QuickPad portable word processor. If you aren't familiar with these gadgets used mainly by students, it is basically a keyboard with four lines of monochrome text. It does have memory, a system of files, folders and transfer (via infared) to desktop PC. I LOVE it, ideal for a writer to compose either a rough draft or emails, etc. then revise on the computer.

I consider it an early Christmas present, although DH meant the cash he gave me to be used for my birthday. Either way, I got a bargain by buying it off Ebay. Maybe I can now update this journal more often!

I literally dread this time of year, starting before Thanksgiving and until New Year's Day. But then, anyone who has read this journal very long, knows I feel this way. However, I don't seem to be quite as depressed this year as I usually am. Maybe it's just because this is our first Christmas in this old house.

For decorations, I put a large set of electric candles in the picture window and strings of lights on the inside of the front sunporch windows, as well as electric candle sets out there. If I do say so myself, it turned out quite pretty -- clear bulbs, and lots of light. I hung a wreath on the front door, and let it go at that. We haven't had a Christmas tree in years.

My mother wants us to come there on Christmas Eve, and we may do that. Just not sure yet. I will get her and my step-dad a gift card, and give calendars to my sisters. But otherwise, we don't exchange expensive gifts.

As for DH, I ordered him full year subscriptions to two horse magazines, which he should enjoy. I will also find him another couple of gifts, maybe when I go to town Friday to return the library books. I still haven't read all those, and will have to recheck two of them.

I am steadily working on the rough draft of a short story inspired by the ghost story in the local newspaper about the train derailment near here. The title will be: Fogbound. I have the first part written, and work on it each night with this QuickPad.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a new doctor, a lady GP who practices in the small town closeby. I have been thinking of finding a new doctor for a long time, and if I like this one, I'll switch. Right now I'd like to get some kind of medication to help ease my back strain; I'd been taking Flexiril (sp?) which is primarily a muscle relaxer. Maybe this lady GP can prescribe something better, or if not, then more Flexiril. Plus, I also need a renewed prescription for my blood pressure medication.

Tonight it is supposed to be around 15, the first real hard freeze we've had. I do not like temperatures this low, but maybe it'll kill off all the creepy-crawlers/bugs for this year. Fortunately this cold won't last too long, and then we'll have temperatures in the high 40s during the day, 20s at night. Sure FEELS like Christmas weather in Dixie now!

At night when I write on the QuickPad, the cats invaribly have to sit on my lap. One or the other is usually positioned between me and the keyboard, which IS a bit awkward...but hey, I can't complain for I do love the rascals!

I am still using the air-bike every day, between 30-45 minutes. The only problem I have is that I need a larger fan; the small one I use just doesn't keep me from getting overheated. I do believe that the air-bike gives me a better aerobic workout than outdoor biking, and certainly better than the NordicTrack ski machine ever did.

And that is it for tonight. I'll upload this and post it tomorrow morning.

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