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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Time to make another entry via the QuickPad. I had hoped to have time earlier today to write in my journal, but I never did. Alas, that is how it usually turns out nowadays. I have to wonder how I ever had time to write a dozen novels and numerous short stories, for it seems impossible to find that much free time in the past few years.

Of course, when I wrote the novels, DH was on second shift, and I had long stretches of uninterrupted evenings for writing. I rarely ever watched TV, so I had unlimited time for serious work. During that period (most of the 80s) I'd get up early, do most of the housework while DH slept. Then we'd have lunch and he'd be off to work. That meant I could sit down at my desk and write to my heart's content. But DH has been on days with weekends off for years now, and I have all my household tasks to do in the morning, and what few hours I can manage are only in the afternoon. Add in regular trips for shopping/groceries and it is difficult to squeeze in a journal entry, answer an email or write fiction. Evenings I sit with DH, while he watches TV (and I do too, on the rare occasion there is anything worth watching). This QuickPad will allow me to write during the evenings, and the keyboard is so quiet (with an easy, soft touch) I can work while relaxing. I have notes and/or emails on my Palm, can refer to those when necessary, etc. My story (tentative title: Fogbound) is coming along nicely too.

I did see the first part of Dr. Phil today after I returned from doing the LAST of my Christmas shopping, and it looked interesting. I recorded it to watch later. One part I did see was Michael Keaton talking about his new movie, "White Noise."{As an aside, I am curious if the movie addresses the fact that "white noise" or the "static" in between radio/TV stations is remnants of the Big Bang?} At any rate,it sounds like a fascinating movie, especially slanted toward the supernatural.

I have no idea WHY I love to write supernatural fiction at times, since I am not really a believer in psychic phenomena, but I do. "Fogbound" is about how a legend is born regarding a haunted area. Anyhow, I will watch the remainder of the program tonight in bed.

It has been extremely COLD here, frigid in Dixie. DH said it was ten degrees when he went out this morning! I have two heatlamps on the cats, as well as an electric blanket inside an insulated dog-house on the back sunporch. The cats seem to be managing well, although Pretty does dominate the inside of the dog-house, will hardly allow the others inside there. However, the two heatlamps provide two other warm places for them to sleep. The good thing about this is that at last the fleas are gone; I spent a small fortune on flea medicine this past summer!

Hmm, the latest news from Bush is that he has admitted there may be some problems in Iraq. Geez, NOW he figures it out. Goodness, what will happen if he ever gets in touch with reality? Oh, and he also has made some vague statements regarding the future of social security which leads me to believe he plans to cut benefits, stick it to the Baby Boomers -- my generation. You'd think someone OUR age would be more circumspect about curtailing benefits for their own generation...but, of course, we're dealing with a moron here, and who knows what he's got up his sleeve? All I can say is that those who voted for him are going to live to regret it. Ahem!

I find that I'm in a fairly good mood about Christmas. Don't know why, other than perhaps this is our first Christmas here. A lady I met while biking is planning to drop by one day this week; I got her a small gift today, and I'm pretty sure she has one for me. Since I am not biking outdoors, we have started emailing as a way to stay in touch. I sent her my email address in a Christmas card, and liked the card she sent me. Knowing how I love to write, she'll hear from me more often by email than if we were getting together or talking on the phone. I loathe the phone, and won't use it unless absolutely necessary. I don't mind a visit now and then, just so I have advance warning and can make the time.

I still use the air-bike almost every morning (or night or afternoon) and it seems to help me sleep. I hate insomnia, but IF I can't sleep now, I'll get up and use this QuickPad to write until I feel sleepy.

DH is putting up new mini-blinds on the front sunporch; since the cats are now on the back sunporch, we repainted the front sunporch and put our sofa out there. I wanted new curtains, but there's five windows out there and mini-blinds will do for now. I did have regular shades, but the mini-blinds will look better.

I also moved my computer and desk into a corner of the dining room, and today was my first day in there. I like it a lot, since I can see the cats on the sunporch, look out the window at the birds on the feeder, and watch the small TV if I wish. I swear we must have changed the furniture around in this house a dozen times since we moved here, but eventually we'll get it right.

This latest arrangement is because I plan to have a second bedroom in what was my study/den. We need an extra bed should it be necessary. The last time we were at our house in town, DH got a small iron half-bed frame from the garage. We will paint it, buy a mattress and use that one in the second bedroom. I have had that bed since I was a little girl; my grandmother gave it to me.

Little Bud, my solid black cat, is sitting beside me watching me type. The cats don't like the QuickPad, for they instinctively know it takes my attention away from them. Cats are truly smart, even if they don't fetch like a dog. "Dogs come when you call them; cats take a message and get back to you."

I suppose we'll spend Christmas Eve at my mother's house with family. I will give cash to my nephews and mother and step-dad -- always a favorite. I also like cash as a gift for myself, because you can then choose what you really want. So often people buy what I call "junk"...trinkets, whatnots, etc...and the recipient is not happy with it. I know, I's supposed to be the "thought" that counts. Yet...why waste money on frivolities when the person can use that money for what they really want or need?

There is a good documentary on right now about hobos, and I will end this entry so I can watch it. My story I'm working on has some hobos in it, and this will add to what I've already found about them on the web.

Till next time!

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