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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday walk in park

One great advantage our city has are the wonderful parks all around town. North, south, east or is never far from a family-friendly park.

Sunday I took the dogs on a walk at a park on the southwest side of the city; it has soccer and baseball fields as well as a partly wooded walking trail. Unfortunately, bikes are not allowed. However, there's a large open-air arena where concerts are held during the seasonable months. The newspaper sponsors an entire week of free concerts in the park during late summer; it's a huge attraction.

I went around one o'clock Sunday, and at first there was no one but myself. Soon a few families started arriving, and some kids brought their kites to fly. A gorgeous day weather-wise, it was a perfect afternoon for come along with me now in photos:

Entering the park

Choices, choices...which way to go?

Out of the wooded area, now alongside open field and soccer, baseball sectors

KidZone game area entry sign -- an excellent message

Believe it or not, a woman walking alone was attacked by a Hispanic near these restrooms. She fought him off, but later the same individual broke into houses around town, raped one woman and tried to rape another. Composite drawings were posted all over town but the rapist has never been found, nor has he attacked again.

Entering the open-air theater which is in a circle with fountain in the center and wooden performance stage where entertainers hold concerts during the seasonable months.

This is what the dogs do on every tree and tall patch of grass!

Almost back to the parking lot now...

All smiles but tired, Rambo says, "Thanks mom!" LOL

Tenant cuts up the fallen dogwood tree in my backyard after a storm Saturday night

Patio tenants built in rental house backyard

I will meet with a local man I met via Wednesday at the lakeside park. I'm taking my dogs, and we'll walk them together. Nice, safe place to have an initial "check each other out," meeting. We shall see what develops after that...

Waiting for my sister to arrive, and we'll probably grab a bite of lunch, yak for hours! LOL

With that, I'm outta here.

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