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Thursday, April 24, 2008

For single Ladies & Gents

Are you looking for a mate? For romance? I stumbled across this interesting map, which shows the location of singles nationwide by gender. Blue indicates more men single; red indicates more women single.

Erm, all I can say is...good thing I'm determined to remain single the rest of my life. LOL Prospects look grim indeed in my area of the south for single men. (Too many women = too many good cooks and housekeepers for any man to remain a bachelor!)

Otherwise, life here is peaceful and quiet, beautiful springtime. My renter is moving out at the end of this month, but I am fairly sure I have another one lined up, ready to move in. This is actually an improvement, because the current renter was a reporter from the newspaper and I'd let him have the rental at a discounted rate (as a favor) for six months. He struggled to make the small payment, but always did. He's moving on to another town, a step up to PR work, woot!

Best of all, I can get the going rate for my house rental now: $550.00 per month.

My sister and brother-in-law are in flight (literally) as I write this: they will be spending two weeks touring Europe, ending in Italy to meet their son, my nephew. They tried to get me to go with them, but somehow...I just didn't want to. Maybe someday I'll see Europe -- I'd love to see England and Paris -- but I doubt it. These days I find it near impossible to get out of this town, much less head across the world!

That's it for today!

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