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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring into summer...

Pretty much what we here in the South are experiencing. It has been in the high 70s, low 80s this entire week, almost humid at times. Very little rain, which the forecasters say means we're already in a drought. About the only good aspect of no rain is that I won't have to get my yard mown often! On the other hand, the abundant pollen hangs in the air, triggering more problems with my allergies. Ah, spring is here...and summer is hot on its heels.

I have biked every other day this week, trying not to overdo. My knees have improved greatly, as long as I stay away from walking on concrete alot -- and wear cushioned shoes. Perhaps the warmer weather is helping, if this is the beginning of arthritis? And I have curtailed my calorie intake due to lack of daily aerobic exercise, and have dropped back to 105 lbs. I'd gotten to 108, and was NOT happy about that! As one famous actress said: "Hunger hurts but starvation works."

The pups are doing great. I do take them to the park occasionally for long walks in the wooded area, and they love it. Oscar will stand at the window, watching all the flashing scenery go by...but Rambo lies quietly on the seat. Rambo travels well, and could probably be taken anywhere. Oscar gets anxious, wants OUT, and whines sometimes. I have a large carrier that fits in the backseat well, should I need to take them on a longer drive -- like when I took them to the groomer.

My cats are well too. However, I do wonder if what happened to Kitten might have been the result of the rat poison found in so many premimum brand-name cat foods? The vet had sold me some of the Science diet in cans when I first took Kitten in, and said it would be good for her to eat the wet food. She got worse and worse, and then I lost her. She was soooo weak, she could barely stand or walk only a few steps, then collapse. I've checked all my other cat/dog food, and had none of the recalled items. But that does worry me about Kitten, and is very sad.

The thing is: First we had a lot of E-coli outbreaks in human foods, then tainted peanut butter recalls, lots of odds and ends like this. NOW the pet food. Color me paranoid, but I can't help wonder if something sinister is afoot -- like some nutcase doing testing to see what will do the most damage before it's noticed in the food chain/supply! Scary. Just never know what you're getting any more -- either at the grocery store or in a restaurant.

Otherwise, I went to the library today, got a load of good books and three DVD movies (which the library rents). Had to buy a few groceries, run some errands. Was busy most of the day. Next week one day I plan to take Oscar out to see my mother at my sister's house. She'll enjoy seeing him. Mother seems to be stable, and is doing well, considering her terrible health condition.

This whole neighborhood has been abuzz with lawnmowers going all week -- and I got my yard mowed for the first time. The guy next-door did a great job, weed-eating and trimming everything for a very neat look. I have planted ten small Leland Cyress cedars in the backyard, and it's a real pain to get around those...but he did a good job.

Guess that's it for now. I'll end with the lyrics of an old ballad that seems somehow appropriate to my acceptance of being a widow now:

"I wish I were a single girl again"

When I was a single girl, I went dressed very fine,
Now I am married and have a drunken man to mind.
Oh, I wish I were a single girl again.

When I was a single girl I done as I pleased;
Now I am a married girl with a drunken man to please.
Oh, I wish I were a single girl again.

He goes down to town and stays all day
Drinking and gambling and wasting time away.
Oh, I wish I were a single girl again.

And when he comes home it's a curse and damn,
Wishing I were dead and he had another dram.
Oh, I wish I were a single girl again.

Spring to go to, and cows to milk and feed,
And the four little children a-crying after me.
Oh, I wish I were a single girl again.

Collected by Harvey H. Fuson
"Ballads of the Kentucky Highlands"
London, 1931, p 118

Yep, there's a worse fate than being single and a widow. Marrying a no-good man -- which I sure will never do! (sigh)

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