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Monday, March 05, 2007

"Party of One" thoughts...

This book, "Party of One -- The Loner's Manifesto" by Anneli Rufus should be required reading for everyone, but especially for those of us who are innately loners. I loved it, every single word, and there's so many quotes I want to post I'll be adding one at the end of each entry for some time to come.

Nature or nurture? I think eventually we will have to realize that biology/genes DO make up more of who we are, what we become, than anyone wants to admit. There have been several "loners" in my family, especially in my paternal family. My father was obviously a loner, being a trucker, and then alcoholic perhaps to medicate himself when he couldn't be alone. With an extrovert wife and four kids, how could he be alone - except when in the cab of his truck? My paternal grandmother was notoriously known for her loner traits, though when people visited HER, they always got a warm welcome. She just rarely, if ever, visited others. One of my great-uncles had the reputation of being "curious"...another ruralism for "loner." There was one distant male relative who was said to have abandoned all family, and lived under a cave back in the woods most of his life. Genetic, yes, it looks like a good possibility.

I am realizing that my life NOW is fine. I am finally coming to my senses and accepting who I am, and have always been -- except that I had a husband/marriage/obligations I could not abandon. I am happier now, and don't feel the pressure to socialize, although when I DO see people (neighbors, family) I am friendly. It is simply that I do not NEED to be around people as often as most extroverts do. And feel completely drained if I am forced to stay in the company of people too long. The book truly defines why this is natural for some people, and why it should be acceptable.

Otherwise, life here goes on as usual. I rented a great movie Saturday, "Match Point," and really enjoyed it. I finished the book, reading off and on all weekend. Sunday afternoon I took my dogs to a nearby park, and walked them in the grassy area so it wouldn't harm my knees, which are continuing to improve.

The weather has been a bit cold, but sunny and beautiful.

I don't keep up as much with the news, but who can miss the 24/7 coverage of the Anna Nicole drama? Thank God, they finally got her body in the ground! Ugh. The war rages, soldiers are killed daily, and all the masses can think about is Anna, Anna, Anna Nicole. Get over it, she's dead, folks. For the life of me, I just can't imagine why all those Iraqi's don't want to be like the majority of Americans! (sarcasm)

I'll end with this quote from the book:

"They say isolation drives you crazy. Sure it does -- when you don't get enough of it."

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