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Friday, March 16, 2007

How We Die

A book title, and I highly recommend it. Written by Sherwin B. Nuland, a doctor.

I'm only half through the book, but it is interesting and absorbing...not for the faint of heart, or those who think (hopefully) that humans can escape the carbon cycle and death. WHY do Americans, especially, seem to think they can cheat death? Why do they think medical professionals have all the answers? Maybe too much media hype, huh?

Let's face it folks, we are all gonna die (as poets and philosophers have known and written about as long as human history exists). Not all your wishing, hoping, false ideals and drugs (very expensive) will stop the progression of human aging. Yes, you may get a face-lift, a body-lift, but INSIDE, you are aging. And that is HOW doctors look at us mortals, the humans who come to them seeking miracle cures.

I suggest you read this book, pronto. And thus far, I am in total agreement with the author in some respects: there is far too much denial and avoiding the inevitable (which results in SUFFERING) for those obviously on the way to death. Acceptance is a highly under-rated virtue for Americans who are aging and dying. You can avoid dying of cancer, for awhile; you can avoid dying of "hardening of the arteries" for awhile; etc. but you CANNOT avoid dying.

One thing you can count on: you are probably going to SUFFER because your so-called "loved ones" cannot bear to let you go, and therefore, extend your suffering and misery as long as possible.

Sad, but true. Get ye a "living will" and objective attorney for your "executor", ASAP.

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