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Friday, September 22, 2006

Long delay in posting

But I DO have reasons: I've been a painting fool lately. Our weather has been so nice, I had no excuse to put off some painting.

I have a small storage building out back, and though it has some leaks, the rusted spots on the outside made it an eyesore. Ergo, I painted it with tile red oil-based paint I had left over from the red barn at our farm. That was a two-day job, done entirely by brush! Whew! It looks GREAT though, and I'll try to get some pictures soon.

The cool breeze meant I could also open my windows/doors and finally paint the exterior doors on the back and front of my house. That was another two-day job, two coats, done with a brush. I painted the doors a dark grey, and will also paint the shutters the same shade -- which matches the dark grey roof and some darkish bricks on the house. Then I plan to have grey seamless gutters all across the front of the house (which is needed for drainage problems) and that should give the exterior an entire MAKE-OVER! Will have pictures when it's all done.

Unfortunately it turned warmer today, humid, and uncomfortable outside. I did some errands/shopping in town, and hope to just stay indoors this weekend since we're supposed to get rain, whoopee! My memoir is coming along, but still slow-going.

Cats are well. Family is fine. What else is there to say? Life goes and goes...until one day, it's all over. Till then, we just keep on keeping on...

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