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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Best EVER bike ride!

We had a looong day of much-needed rain today, downpours which continued until around 6 o'clock. I had to drive to a my G.P.'s office for my regular six-month checkup in a drenching white-out -- since I found a great female doctor near the small town where we owned the farm. She is so understanding though, that I want to continue seeing her as my primary physician. Everything is fine, my health seems good, and in mid-October I'll have a blood test done just to make sure there's no problems.

At any rate, though I like the doctor, I've realized I HATE going anywhere near that farm; it is SO depressing, because I keep having flashbacks of the frantic middle-of-the-night trips taking DH to the ER and how scared we both were. That place has bad 'ju-ju', so far as I'm concerned.

When I got home, I did a few household chores, talked to my sister on the phone, ate a bite for supper...and then, since the rain had almost stopped, I took off on my bike. My FAVORITE time to ride is when it's cool and a fine mist is falling; PERFECT! And that is exactly how it was this afternoon...ideal. The droplets of mist hit my hat, keeping the moisture off my face, and the cool misty air prevented me even working up a sweat. I LOVE that kind of ride, but it seldom happens!

Got to go now, get busy on my memoir. My doctor asked me today if I'd been able to write (she knows I'm a writer) and I told her about the memoir. She thinks it is great I'm writing again, and the last thing she said when I left was, "I want to read that book when you're finished." that a great doctor, or what?

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