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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Worst News EVER!

Unbelievably, DH is now in a large city hospital about to undergo extensive chemotherapy due to having acute leukemia!

Even after the several doctors he'd seen locally, due to bronchitis, his cardiologist, AND the orthopedic team when he broke his toes, NONE realized he had anemia. Can you say: "Incompetent!"

Last Wednesday night DH started having pressure in his chest, and I INSISTED on taking him to the emergency room. Within a short time, the ER doctor did an EKG and blood test, and diagnosed angina AND leukemia. He was sent to a city north of us (where my sister lives) by med-flight, and thus began the WORST days of my life!

My other sister and brother-in-law met us at the ER, and fortunately drove me to the city hospital. I didn't leave for several days, except to get some sleep at my sister's house. DH was in ICU until Friday night. He is stable now, but still has the cough; however, the doctors think he is strong enough to start chemo Monday.

I believe I know what the mysterious "white orb" was trying to tell me in the photo below. One tends to get superstitious after enough weird photos show such phenomenon.

On the other hand, we were told Dh's leukemia has a genetic link, and his father did die of cancer -- as well relatives on both sides of his family. None had leukemia specifically...but nontheless, there is a genetic link to cancer in his family.

I'm devastated. Haven't been able to concentrate, and my acid reflux has returned with a vengence since I've not been eating well. No exercise. I hope I can endure this, but I am not optimistic.

Maybe DH and I both have lived long enough. I guess the coming five weeks will tell, since that his how long he'll be in the hospital having chemo.

My nephew and a couple neighbors are taking care of the miniature horses and my cats. I miss them as well as DH. I'm torn beteewn two places, and miss either one when I'm away.

If I were religious, I'd ask for prayers (which can't hurt)...but I guess I'll just try to muddle through and cope with it the best I can.

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Rurality said...

Oh what terrible news! I'm so sorry to hear it. I'll be sending good thoughts your way. I sure hope he can end up with good results. They can do wonders with chemo nowdays, even if it's no fun while you're doing it. (My sister in law is recovering from brain cancer right now!)