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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just a few lines in this update regarding what is going on with DH. He finally got to see his cardiologist yesterday and has several tests set up for the end of this week. The doctor told him to stop taking his blood pressure medications, so he will. I worry stopping the beta blocker could cause something serious, but I guess the doctor knows best! I did look up side effects of the two blood pressure medications, Altace and Atenolol, and the last one really can cause some of the symptoms (fatique, dizziness, lack of energy, blurry vision) that DH is having sometimes.

Anyhow, Thursday DH is scheduled for an extensive stress test on the treadmill; Friday he has blood drawn, and next Monday he's supposed to have a sonogram of his heart. None of these tests are invasive, but the stress test takes place over a period of three hours in the doctor's office. I don't think I'll go to any of those, because there shouldn't be any immediate problems during the test. Later, March 2nd, he has an appointment with the cardiologist to get all the results. I suppose the stress test and sonogram can tell the doctor if a dye test is necessary and/or what kind of medication adjustments are necessary. I didn't go to the appointment with him yesterday, but all the test orders were sent in written form too.

DH is still coughing a lot, but one of the side effects of Atenolol AND Plavix is maybe being off the Atenolol will help. And we've also decided no matter WHAT the doctor says, if he doesn't cut down that Lipitor, DH will take half a dosage AFTER these tests are completed. He has really gotten into bad shape; he can't do any kind of activity over ten minutes without having to stop and rest. I sure hope it's not another heart blockage, and I really think it's the meds, but we'll just have to wait and see.

DH is back at work, but will have to take some time off for those tests at the end of the week. We got our income taxes filed, and will get around $3,250.00 back, but had to pay the darn state over $200.00!

Festus and Ginger continue to thrive, and are enjoying the roaming space in the pasture. I still give them treats each day, and usually feed them their portion of grain and hay each day too.

We didn't get much snow, just a few flurries Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning. North of us there was about an inch of snow, but it missed us.

Today the temperature is about 55 degrees, sunny, and I am planning on washing my kitchen windows later. I hate for those windows to get dirty, since I look out them when in the kitchen.

I'll end this post with another picture of that strange sky last week. In this photo there is another one of those weird orbs -- which looks to be at the far end of the pasture (behind the house) in the woods. I know there may be a technical reason for these orbs, but nevertheless, I find them fascinating and puzzling.

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