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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm sitting here typing this today, very nervous. My sister had a doctor's appointment earlier today, and said she'd call when she got back to let me know what he said. I'm hoping it is GOOD news, but she seems to still be having a lot of pain. And of course, I KNOW (unfortunately from my own long-ago surgical experience) that it takes awhile to get over the pain and soreness of surgery...but I can't help worrying.

The more I read about breast cancer (or ANY cancer for that matter) it just seems no one knows anything about it. I mean, first is the long, long list of what "might" cause cancer. Then all the various treatments that, sadly, sometimes do no good at all -- or make the cancer spread. Who knows?

At times I have to think that cancer is simply a disease that occurs BECAUSE a human being is not immortal, after all. We all die, that's a FACT. The confusion about the "causes" are irrelevant, unimportant. I have done a lot of research on cancer AND heart disease (due to DH's heart attack) and the more I learn, the more it looks as if there is really NO WAY to avoid certain conditions, no matter how diligent, how determined, how dedicated the science/medical efforts -- or the person's individual efforts.

I guess I'm just depressed about the whole situation with my sister and husband. And wondering why I have thus far escaped such a disastrous condition when, in truth, I don't much care whether I live or not.

In the end, I have to say once again: It's a mad, mad world.

{Note: For those who have sent email, I apologize for not replying yet. I just haven't felt much like writing lately. Or if I do write, I work on my current story. But I DO appreciate the emails.}

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