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Thursday, April 21, 2005

We had a spring shower late this afternoon, and everything looked SO beautiful around this place, I just had to take some pictures! The highway in front of our house/pasture was steamy, especially along the bridge over a nearby creek.

Kitten is officially ONE YEAR OLD now, so I took some pictures of her too. She is a truly FAT cat now, but still as playful as a kitten! And she seems to be very healthy, still LOVES to eat.

Not much else to report tonight, except that we're all coping. My sister has made the final decisions regarding her surgery next Thursday. Tomorrow she has some tests done, and then it's just the "waiting" until the day for surgery. We talk EVERY day on the phone, and she has become more and more confident in the surgeon and plastic surgeon she's chosen (not the original surgeon who could NOT be trusted!).

And that's it for now.

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