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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just a brief update, since I'm exhausted.

The good news: My sister's surgery went extremely well, and the reconstruction did also. In fact, she was out of the operating room sooner than expected. Of course, she had a LOT of pain that first day and night. However, she did much better yesterday and today...she went home!

Both doctors said they found NO cancerous cells in her lymph nodes, and that is also GREAT news. At this point, it looks as if she won't have to have any further treatment, such as chemo or radiation. I hope it stays this way too!

I spent all of the first day there, came home that night, went back yesterday and then home late last night. I plan to drive to her home (50 miles) tomorrow, and possibly spend the night, stay most of Monday and then drive back home. She does need some assistance in getting out of bed, etc. but is doing remarkably well.

All this is going extremely, extremely well...and I hope it continues on this path.

More when I have rested enough to be coherent!

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