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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Working at writing... a nice thing. All the office politics aside, hassles with people, you-name-it...I LOVE writing. And today, I spent most of my time at work actually WRITING. Ah, the bliss, the joy...the agony. Yet when a piece is finished, headed for print, you feel an accomplishment that is indescribable.

I can't say I'm a whiz at pagination (designing pages) at this point, but I'm still learning. And attending events is not my favorite thing; however, when you have a badge on you reading "MEDIA" you almost an alien. Not really part of the crowd, just there to "observe and record." Not a bad thing, if you're somewhat introverted as I am. The "badge" emboldens you, and allows you to think of yourself as only there on a quest -- which is informational. Later, you find the creative aspect of the story, and rely on facts to back it up. I doubt this makes any sense to anyone except reporters and/or writers.

I'm always in another world when I write, and it has taken several weeks to find that zone as a lifestyle writer. Yet when I do, it's sooooooooooooo great! And the people, the ones who are modest people I have chosen to feature, they are incredibly...amazing. Some have labored YEARS, DECADES without ANY recognition, and just giving them a face, a voice makes it all worthwhile.

Those are the unexpected rewards I've found in this position. I'll get back to you on the downside.

Oh yes, tomorrow night -- a senior dance. Argh, I don't dance, but I can attend and write about it!

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