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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Time for another last! The roofers finally, finally finished the roof. I hope to get a good picture later this afternoon to post along with this entry.

I'm writing this while sitting in our truck, waiting for DH. He's out looking at a cattle trailer he might buy.

It is a beautiful Saturday here -- somewhat windy, brilliant sunshine, in the high 60s. We had some cooler temperatures a few nights, down to 25, but otherwise I think March should be the beginning of Spring. And I'm certainly ready for it.

We're at a farm, and there's a bunch of goats in their pasture, just regular goats. Our neighbors where we live raise lop-eared goats, and they are so adorable. When the babies are born, they sound almost like a human baby crying. My cats will sit in the open window, listening as if they can't figure out what that strange sound is!

Looks like time to go, guess DH didn't think it was a good deal. He never buys something he can't make at least a $100.00 on!


It's now around 6:30 at night, and we had a very busy day. We looked at one other trailer, but DH didn't buy it either. Then we went to look at a couple horses, and he DID buy those. A mare and her colt, both palomino and very pretty. We took the mare to a friend's where one of our other mares is now, and brought the nearly two-old colt back home. She is still squealing, missing her mama...but she looks almost identical to the other palomino colt we have here, although it is male and only a year old. After DH fed the new colt, he put her in the barn for tonight.

The guy who sold them said he was about to move, and didn't have a place to keep them, so we got a bargain. Plus, they needed at least a temporary home, which we can provide.

DH is doing fairly well. He went to the cardiologist's office last Wednesday, had blood drawn to be tested. The nurse never did say exactly what they learned, but finally on Friday she said for him to quit taking Lipitor until next Thursday. In the meantime without Lipitor, his sore, stiff leg muscle has completely recovered. That tells me the Lipitor was causing it, and if he takes it again, he'll have the same (or worse) reaction.

He is watching his diet, and we're both following a low-fat, low-salt regiment. Not easy. Last night I actually got him on the exercise bike for ten minutes, which was a slow beginning. I had used it for 45 minutes, and insisted he try it. I don't want him to overdo, but if he can start using the bike three or more times a week, it will greatly help his heart problem. Some studies say that aerobic exercise actually helps reverse damage, and burn cholesterol/fat. We'll see, I suppose.

Have you ever noticed how many prescription drugs are shown on TV commercials? If the drug companies would stop paying for such expensive ads, I dare say they could reduce the cost of a drug by a great deal.

For example, tonight I saw an ad for Plavix (a blood thinner which DH takes). Now what on earth do they need to advertise that for? The cardiologist is the one who will decide which drug to give, and I cannot imagine someone ASKING or DEMANDING a prescription for a specific drug -- or a doctor actually agreeing to try something on the basis of a patient having seen a commercial. Those ads are a total waste of money -- except for the ad agencies that make cash from dreaming them up. I just might write a letter to the drug companies of all the drugs DH takes, and tell them my displeasure at seeing these shown on TV. Not that my opinion will make much difference, but it's worth a shot anyway.

Tomorrow we're planning on a long relaxing drive, and not looking for trailers or horses. I also want to put up the flowerboxes beneath the picture window, so I can get pictures of the front of the house/roof. I am SO glad this is done, just in case we should want to sell it -- or simply have a good "roof" overhead.

Here's something I came across in my web research about heart trouble: If there's a crease in the earlobe, it means you potentially have building heart blockage. If you have a plump, uncreased earlobe, you have no problem with heart/artery blockage. Yes, yes...I know it sounds silly. But several men we know have creased earlobes, even though some are younger than DH. Some do not. A couple have undergone tests, and the earlobe thing held true. Of course, I doubt it has anything to do with it, but it's sort of an interesting conversational piece! :-)

With that, I'm outta here for tonight. I'll post this, along with pictures of the house tomorrow morning.

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