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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sometimes something happens and for once, just once, you feel that life is GOOD!! I can't say this place is cursed anymore, since we had some of the BEST news in a long, long time this week: DH was fortunate enough to be eligible for a retirement incentive that will increase his benefits to the point we should never have to worry again about retirement funds. In addition to the rental income and his continuing hobby-business, we'll also have a lump sum in three to five years to put into our IRAs in addition to the monthly income for life. I almost feel like we've won the lottery, when in fact, it is funds that he's earned -- but the new program will increase substantially. He will have to continue working for the next three to five years, but NOW it is really worthwhile.

As usual, I almost fear being happy about it because I always think something will interfere, that anything good that happens to me will be taken away. And yet, I can't help but be very happy anyhow!

Today I went to town, did some shopping, mostly looking for bargains at the Salvation Army store. I got some cheap pillows and blankets for my cats to sleep on. And found a small magazine rack that will need painting. I also found three good paperback novels.

Yesterday I painted the bottom part of my bathroom with semi-gloss paint, so it'll be easier to keep clean.

I drove by our house in town today, but I have to admit that I finally feel less emotionally attached to the place. And yet...just driving through the old neighborhood brings back happy memories. And that makes me realize I'm still not ready to sell the house, so I guess we'll just keep renting it.

I've had a mild cold the past few days, but feel like it is almost over.

Now if we just had our taxes finished, I'd be almost content!

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