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Friday, January 21, 2005

I've been busy, busy, busy! Yes, that's an excuse for not making more entries in this journal.

However, I HAVE accomplished one thing: I have a new short story online, which I posted at my website, The Prose Menagerie. It was written long ago, and I did some editing, typed it into the QuickPad, transferred it to the computer and now it's online. Willow River is about young love gone bad. Sort of. Just read it, if you have time.

I also found a batch of short stories I'd forgotten about, and plan to type, edit and post all of them in due time.

We're still have weird weather -- a few days of 60 degree temps, then plunging back to the teens at night.

DH has four horse/stock trailers for sale, and is hoping income tax refunds will bring him some buyers. We've certainly had people looking, and possibly ready to buy this weekend.

It's early morning now, and today I have to buy groceries. At least it's nice weather, in the 50s, sunny.

More when I have time to write a longer entry.

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