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Monday, November 29, 2004

We finally had great Fall weather today. Brilliant blue skies, sunny, just a slight chill in the air. I got out and took some pictures of the house, yard, etc which will be posted below.

One of my cats, Bob, had an adventure tonight. The back door wasn't closed tightly and he got out. I didn't realize it until about 30 minutes later, and when I went out to look for him, I feared he might have run off. However, as I shone the flashlight underneath the porch, I saw him crouching there, directly beneath where he stays. He wanted in, but naturally didn't know how to go about getting back inside.

Or so I thought.

After coaxing, cajoling, even offering some cat treats, with NO results, DH came out and went near where Bob was, and Bob ran out, went DIRECTLY to the back door where he'd come out and tried to climb in! I hurried inside and let him in...end of saga. Whew! We'll have to be more careful when we go out and in the back doors from now on!

Got an early birthday gift: DH gave me a great indoor air-bike, which I really LOVE. Now I can use it when the weather is bad -- like it has been lately, lots of rain. The traffic also is a big drawback to biking here, so I may not bike for regular exercise, just now and then. Using the stationary air-bike, I'll still get a good workout. It has an electronic readout, and today I biked 15 miles in 45 minutes; the handlebars are also like rowing, and that provides an even better workout.

Without further ado, here's the photos:

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