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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Not much to write about here: Just the same old, same old. We have FINALLY finished our last project, and I'm looking forward to a peacful, quiet week next week.

Monday I must take Kitten to the vet to be spayed; have to get her there by 9:00, so I plan to spend most of the day in town. I want to visit the library, a long, leisurely visit to find some good reads. Then I will shop at the Salvation Army store for more used blankets/pillows for the cats to enjoy during the cold winter nights.

I MISS being in town, shopping or going to the library, whenever the mood strikes. At least I do have the nearby mall, which is easy access for groceries, etc. Still, it's not like living in the city.

Nice weather today, and DH went horseback riding. I did some serious housecleaning, finished up with mopping the floors. The cats are finally settling in on the back sunporch, and I'm keeping Bitty inside now too. City Kitty didn't seem to like being indoors, and I let her go back outside; she's sleeping in the hay barn, and I feed her only during the day, so as not to attract the pesky raccoons closer to the house. I still feed them, but a good distance from the house.

I went on a short bike ride earlier this morning, enjoyed the cooler weather. Sunny and bright, perfect fall day here. I think my biking is going to be sporadic during the winter, and I'll use the ski machine instead. It's not too boring, if I strap on my stereo headphones!

That's about it from here today.

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