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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

My Experience With Obamacare

I felt compelled to write this post, simply because my experience is probably one of many. We need to combat the negativity about Obamacare!

There is a LOT of disinformation out there, so any time a person can relate a good example of how Obamacare is helping them, it will help others understand better.

I'm a widow, and have struggled for the past 7 years to keep insurance (freelance writer and also have pension/SS). I'm willing and able to pay for insurance, but due to pre-existing conditions I've had a 7 year struggle.

I had Cobra 3 years (500+ a month, but good coverage); then I went to the pre-existing state plan (500+ a month, 5,000 deductible, went up every year on my birthday -- by now I'd be paying in excess of a 1,000 each month). Lastly, I had the government pre-existing insurance, 350.00 a month with 2,000 deductible.

And starting in January I'll have good, affordable insurance which I bought on the exchange. I used the 800 number, probably took less than 30 minutes to get signed up. Got my Blue Cross insurance card within a week. Paid the first premium today, 555.00 a month BUT only 100.00 deductible and pays 90% of medical bills! I'm willing to pay that, since I have pre-existing problems that need attention (back/spine/knees). Not unhealthy, except arthritis and orthopedic issues from exercising in the past -- running, biking, walking. I am not overweight, never smoked.

At any rate, I'm very, very pleased with Obamacare. He made a statement in the news yesterday which was a relief: "Obamacare will not be repealed for the next 3 years while I'm president, and I'll do everything I can to make it work." In 3 years, I'll be eligible for medicare.

It's been a tough, rough road to keep health care insurance, and in my case, I didn't want to lose everything my late husband & I worked hard and saved for all our lives to medical bills. Even the roof over your head can be taken if you have excessive medical bills (at least in Alabama, but some states can't take your home). We paid our home off when I was 35, due to my work at the newspaper and a small inheritance from my paternal grandmother.

That's my story, and I'm sure there are many others out there like me -- small business owners, self-employed, freelancers, part-time people. And the less income you make the higher the subsidy. If you live in a state that agreed to accept the federal funds for medicaid it's likely low income people will qualify. In Alabama our "so-called doctor" governor chose to refuse the funds, as well as ignore his medical oath: "First, do no harm." The federal funds would have created jobs, helped hospitals get bills paid (many just don't pay, have no property to lose), and also expanded the amount for those qualifying.

I hope that this post will encourage others to at least give Obamacare a chance, and don't judge until enough time has passed for the problems to be smoothed out. Rarely are any kind of online applications perfect when first online; it takes time to work out the glitches.

I urge you to give the exchange a try, as well as looking into medicaid if your income is low enough to qualify.

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