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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

I haven't made an entry in a few days, just not had much to report.

Lately DH and I have been thinking of either selling our house and buying another one in town or in the country; or possibly renting this house in town and buying another house somewhere in the country. So I've been browsing real estate ads for our area, and finding a few places we might like to look at this coming weekend.

It's been beautiful weather here, and perfect for biking. I went on the bike ride yesterday and today, early, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Also, we're on our soup/salad diet this week, and I hope I'll drop a few pounds. But won't weigh till the end of the week.

I'm still shopping online for a laptop computer, but can't make up my mind what I want. The Gateway laptop for $899.00 is VERY tempting, but I don't know if I'll buy it or not at this point.

This morning as I was about to leave on my bike ride, I saw three new kittens on my backporch. I always leave out a pan of dry feed for neighborhood cats, and in the past few months, there's been quite a variety of cats eating here. Of course, I don't know which ones belong to people in the neighborhood, with the exception of one next-door, and one behind our am not sure which cats are strays or belong to people. At any rate, the male (un-neutered) cat next-door seems to be the source of the problem; the owners put out dry food (and did LONG before I began putting out some) and many cats have been attracted to their house. Since the owners don't cover their narrow cement-block openings underneath their house, apparently cats have been staying under there during the cold weather (their heating system is under there, and it stays warm). So now one of the females has given birth to kittens -- three that I saw, perhaps more.

This really presents a bad problem, in that the young couple next door just had a preemie baby, and have been staying at the hospital a lot. Therefore, they are probably not aware of the cat situation going on underneath their house. I guess I'll have to tell them, and see if they can sort out the problem -- some of the cats there DO probably belong to people on this street. But people don't neuter/spay these cats, and then don't want to take responsibility for the many kittens.


More dilemmas for me, and I sure hate getting involved in this. But knowing me, and how I love cats, I will probably be smack in the center of what develops. It's depressing really, and I haven't a clue how to proceed.

Enough for today.

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