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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday Night

Since I seem unable to write a lengthy entry on my computer, I decided to write in segments on my QuickPad. If you aren't familiar with it, the QuickPad is simply a small word processor with full-sized keyboard and 4 lines of text on-screen. There's a file system which allows different documents to be stored until sending via infrared port to your PC. At any rate, I've had mine for several years, and to date it is the most convenient way to write without the distractions of the Internet, being online. It does nothing other than function as a word processor, and runs on 4 AA batteries -- and gets amazing battery life.

So what's going on in my life? Not much, as I've mentioned in my last post, as well as my daily brief Twitter messages. Yes, I occasionally get bored with the lackluster lifestyle, yet never quite enough to actually take serious action in changing much of anything. In some regards, I'm contented with my peaceful, predictable routine; the mad moments which sometimes occur (car wrecks, etc) serve to make me realize I LIKE my serene life. I'm lucky, in most regards, and do not take that for granted.

My worries mostly consist of fretting about health care insurance; though I have a fairly good Blue Cross, Blue Shield coverage, it is $4,000.00 deductible and that means I have to pay for anything (including doctor visits, lab tests, etc) out-of-pocket. As a result, I do NOT get checkups, nor preventive care -- other than my regular prescriptions and twice a year visits to my G.P. for those. And yes, this is a counter-productive kind of insurance coverage, but the only policy I could afford ($386.00 per month) that DID NOT have a pre-existing clause. Primarily, this is what I call "ransom" money for a policy that would protect my assets in catastrophic illness.

I'm always sleuthing the online sources for news updates on the latest "health care reform" going at any time, since I have my own personal health invested in HOPE for change. Frankly, the pessimist in me thinks not much will change, regardless of the announcement that "some kind" of reform has passed legislation. The private medical insurance companies and major pharm business will never change UNLESS they go bankrupt (like what occurred with the auto, financial, banking industry). I'm convinced though that in time, that is exactly what will happen without serious changes in reform. So, you heard it here first.

As you can see, I spend a lot of time preoccupied with the latest news on that issue, and it's absorbing TOO MUCH of my time, but I'm somewhat obsessed.

Here's a couple of informative pieces about the current reform efforts:

Health Care Reform Noise

Who Is Against Reform: Lobbyist

And a last word on this topic: How many of you are aware that drug advertising by big pharm is subsidized by income tax breaks? I'm positive that if even half the money spent on lobbyist, ads, PR, on and on, were spent on ACTUAL medical care, there wouldn't even be a need for a public option. Without that option though, there is NO CHOICE for those of us held hostage by the private, for-profit health care industry.

As I type this it's nearly 11 PM, I'm halfway watching an updated "It's Me or the Dog" with Victoria Stillwell on Animal Planet station. LOVE her show, and always learn a trick or two to help me with my own dog's behavior. I also like "The Dog Whisperer."

Today I dropped off a couple of DVD movies at the library, and checked out two more, as well as several good books. Though I have strong reading glasses, I'm having trouble with small print. Haven't been able to read paperbacks in years, and if possible, I get large print books. The selection is very limited at our library, so I usually get regular print novels. I've found I can only read for about an hour or so without serious eyestrain, and this is truly ruining the enjoyment I get from reading. Reading has always been my "drug of choice"...and next, of course, is writing. I despair of a life without books.

I have thought about the Kindle electronic book reader, but cannot accept the ridiculous idea of having to buy practically EVERY book you read. That's why we have libraries, in order to have free access to LOTS of books. Until there is something similar to libraries for electronic readers, I'll pass. I wouldn't mind a small yearly fee, but that's my limit. Yes, I do occasionally buy a book, but NOT the majority of my reading material. (Perhaps this is a hint to the electronic reader market!)

I had a stupid moment yesterday. Took the dogs to the lakeside park, and we had a terrific walk very late when it was cooler. Got back to my car, popped up the hatchback to get out the water I carry for the dogs. Gave them their water, and at some point, apparently laid the keys in the hatchback area. Slammed shut the hatchback...and you guessed it, had locked myself out. KNEW that was going to happen, since the older car I had didn't have electronic locking. At any rate, it was irritating, but didn't cause me to go into a panic. I just looked around, saw a couple playing miniature golf with their kids and asked to borrow their cell. (Mine was locked in the car, of course.) I called the Sheriff's Department, asked for a locksmith's number and got one there within 30 minutes. A bit pricey, but doable. And, I learned a valuable lesson: DO NOT PART WITH CAR KEYS! (Sigh)

I think that's enough for tonight. Will continue next entry as time permits in segments covering my rental/tenant issues, the anniversary of my first year as a vegetarian, my gardening experience, my auto accident lawsuit/settlement and dating.


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